In-house or to go. Gather ideas for your dream menu.
Appetizer / Antipasto
assorted toasted bruschettas,
roasted peppers, meats, cheeses, olives, veg,
veg or meat stuffed mushrooms, chicken cutlets, baked meatballs,
entrees in miniature ( ex: bite size chicken francaise, eggplant app, ravioli app ),
summery skewers, for ex : tomato-mozz-basil

hot : chicken, seasonal vegetable, pasta ( bean ) fagioli,
cold : sweet gazpacho

garden greens, caesar, hearts of romaine and artichoke,
salty pear and prosciutto, spicy sicilian orange,
vintage house topped with soppressata and cheese,
lakeside with colorful roasted veggies + chicken, beef, or fish
assorted house made dressings, vinaigrettes

cut ( penne, farfalle ), long ( fettuccine, linguine, angel ), stuffed ( ravioli, gnocchi ),
classic marinara, spicy arrabbiata, cheesy pink, fresh basil pesto,
creamy alfredo, light primavera, olive oil, lemon, butter, garlic,
scarpiello with browned chicken, sausage and peppers, over penne
cold : pasta salad
hot: roasted medley / of choice / in season favorites, grilled,
cold: ( dressed ) vegetable ( of choice ) salad

— Eggplant Parmesan —
chicken, beef ( sirloin, filet tenderloin ), pork, veal, lamb, sausage, meatball
francaise ( lemon, butter ), marsala ( wine, mushrooms ), picatta ( white wine, capers ), cutlet ( breaded )
calabrese ( + pan fried potatoes, sweet or hot peppers, onions )

crab, shrimp, scallop, melty sea bass, light flaky branzino, seared salmon,
cakes, scampi ( butter, garlic ), baked, poached, pan seared,
house made sauces , including :
citrusy, tangy sweet, creamy, peppery, fresh verde,
lemon / olive oil / caper / tomato
cold : cocktail, salmon, seafood salad

fresh fruit, sweets, cream

classic : eggs, fried potatoes, ham, waffles, fruit, coffee
savory : + roasted peppers, soppressata, frittata, meatball